Engineering 25
Sustaniable Design Projects


Kreative Inc:Alex, Ricardo, Cody & Keith
Greywater's Anatomy: Household Greywater recycling system

T.A. Industries: Chris, Rachel & Julian
Cora Water Claimer, Fog & humidity water harvasting like the Namib beetle

Prometheus: Tyler, Alexzander, Patrick & Terra
EZ-GRO Hydro System: Automated hydroponics system

Wild CAD: Matt, Erin, Danny & Amos
Steam Collector System: Water collected from power plant and home cooking combustion

JAM: Jason, Margi & Allison
Dihydrogen Monoxide, Water purification system

Patrick_Compost Trommel
Santa Cruz Community Compost: Patrick
Compost Trommel
Engineering 25 Graphics & Design
Sustainable Projects Spring 2015