Engineering 25
Sustaniable Design Projects

Spring 2016

Nicole, Desmond & Ashley

AND Engineering: Nicole, Desmond & Ashley
SEA Cups: Sustainable K cups

Tryston, Jack & Parker

Clean Water: Tryston, Jack & Parker
Solar Still

Geremy, Galen, Mathea & Kristain

Modern Guilt: Geremy, Galen, Martha & Kristain
Swamp Creature

Andrew, Jacob, Varad & Chris

Thrive for Power:Andrew, Jacob, Varad & Chris
GT generator

Jasper, Jameson, & Steven

Solar Reception: Jasper, Jameson, & Steven

Outdoor Trash: Solar powered Trash can lid lifter

Joshua, Rafa, & Antonio
JAR JAR:Joshua, Rafa, & Antonio
The Desalinator
Engineering 25 Graphics & Design
Sustainable Projects Spring 2016