Engineering 25
Final Sustainable Design Projects

Fall 2007

The Successors, Home Hydropower
The Successors: Chad, Matthew, Martin and James:
Home Hydropower: Generate electricity in your water main
Verdinhos, Ethanol Chainsaw
Verdinhos: Ben, David & Franky:
Modify your chainsaw to to burn cleaner with ethanol.
Green Team, Greywater distribution
Green Team: Nanette, Shawn, Eric and Britt:
Collect and distribute household gray water.

Mission Earth, Solar street light
Mission Earth: Micah, Chris, Jose & Juan Sebastian,
Solar powered street light.

Team Wanklyn, Heatertron
Team Wanklyn: Matt, Miguel, Shauna, Anthony,
Heatertron: Heating ceiling fan.
photo pending
Team Green: Nate, Sam, Todd and Ryan
Houshold rainwater reclamation and distribution
photo pending
Valdes-Dominguez Power Generator: Sal & Cory
Wind ribbon power generator
Engineering 25 Graphics & Design Final Projects Fall 2007