Engineering 25
Final Design Projects

Spring 2009

Solar Hot Water Project

Nicole, Jenny, Ryan, Patrick & Paul
The Ponchos: Solar Hot Water Sink

Team Rehydrator
Emanuel, Esther, Josue & Gloria
The Rehydrator: Personal hydration, massage & enterainment system
The Garden
Daniel, Anthony, Justine & Toby
The Garden: Rainwater collection system
Solar Inferninator
Michael, Kimball, Ryan & Paul
Solar Inferninator: Parabolic Solar Cooker
Parabolic Cooker
Inside Parabolic Solar Cooker
Clockwork Bike
David, Alex, Eugenio & Jordan
Clockwork Bike
Ethiopian Solar Cooker
Christine: Ethiopian Solar Cooker
Engineering 25 Graphics & Design
Sustainable Projects Spring 2009