Engineering 25
Final Design Projects

Spring 2010

Richard, David, Danny, James
The A Team: Richard, David, Danny, & James
Solar Oven
Solar cooker about to start a fire

Fresnel lens focal point just before bursting into flames

Natural Design Group
Natural Design Group: John, Amy & Lani
The Grass Ninja 3000!, Human powered grass cutter
Team Trouble: GenaDoor

Team Trouble: Abhi, Gayle, Tristan & Will
GenaDoor: Energy recovery stystem

Paul, Jeremy, Nick
Fighting Mongooses: Paul, Jeremy, & Nick
Grey Water Recycling System
Adrian, Kyle, Jordi

Team Green: Adrian, Kyle, Jordi
Solar Charger

Jason, Rhiannon, & Mike
JMR Green Freak: Jason, Rhiannon, &Mike
The Compact Compactor: A trash compactor for your vehicle
Jason, Matt, & Grant
Team CADilac:Jason, Matt, & Grant
Bike Gen: Human powered bike light from recycled materials
Engineering 25 Graphics & Design
Sustainable Projects Spring 2010