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English 1AH: The Monterey Bay Region

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waves crashing
Photo courtesy of Marcy Alancraig.

What does an ecologist see when facing the ocean at Point Lobos? Who were the first peoples who lived there? What immigrant groups came here to work the fields and how were they treated? What poetry has this place inspired? As we answer these questions, we'll examine the values inherent in science, anthropology, history and literature, questioning the assumptions that each discipline makes.This class will explore all these issues and more in an active learning format. This means we'll venture out of the classroom, work collaboratively and cooperatively, and teach each other what we've learned. The class promises provocative readings, field trips, hard work and fun!


The materials for this class are on Blackboard. See me if you have forgotten how to assess it.



Nisene Marks State Park
Photo courtesy of Marcy Alancraig.






Photo courtesy of Marcy Alancraig.

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