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English 12A and English 14A

Creative Writing Prose and Fiction Workshop

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Everyone has a story to tell.  In this combined course of English 12A (Creative Writing Prose) and English 14A (Fiction Workshop) you will learn fiction techniques to capture the myriad of stories that arise from your life and your imagination.  Writing is an unexpected adventure.  Be prepared to journey to far off lands and inside yourself as we explore the components of fiction writing: description, characterization, dialogue and plotting. The best way to get excited  about writing is to simply do it.  You will be bombarded with exercises to explore these different aspects of fiction writing.  Class time will be spent writing, talking craft and feedbacking each other’s work.  The class is based on the premise that while writing is a solitary act, coming together with other writers can create sparks. Together we will build a writing community where everyone’s vision is taken seriously and supported.  What you say will matter.  What you create, make flesh and bone, will be the root and breath of our class. Be prepared for hand cramps and laughter.  You will work and talk hard in here!


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Tips for Creative Writing

Guide to Workshops and How to Critique

What If Exercise

Working with Conflict Exercise

Working with the Inner Critic Exercise

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