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Fall 17





Best Practices for Canvas /McGraw-Hill CONNECT:

  • You can only do one thing at a time.
  • You cannot view past results while you are in the process of taking an assignment.
  • You cannot take two graded assignments at the same time.
  • When trying to print an assignment use the browser’s Print Preview and Page Setup options to get the best output possible. You should switch from portrait to landscape, and should extend the margins as far as possible.
  • Use the "Next", "Back", "Jump To", and "Save my work" buttons periodically to save and avoid timing out. Note: If there is no activity within 60 minutes, Homework Manager will automatically log out your session.
  • Click "Quit and Save" if you wish to work on your assignment at a later time without grading. Remember, you can only work on one open, ungraded assignment at one time.
  • Don't copy and paste, this might enter illegal characters in your homework and prevent you from getting a grade.
  • Former students have suggested the following:
    1. In the upper right corner is a link called "How am I doing?". Click on this to compare your answers with the publisher's answers. You can even do this before you complete the exercise/problem and have check figures available to help you solve the exercise/problem. This also helps you determine how many decimals, etc. to use.
    2. "Copy the question(s), paste to Word and print. Fill in the answers, and then type in the numbers to the spaces on the computer screen. This saves a lot of scrolling. Print Preview works great to get the right size and amount of pages. This idea uses a lot of paper but the pages can be used on the other side as well."
  • Be aware, occasionally there are poor instructions, errors, etc. in the HomeWork Manager. Using the "How am I doing?" component can help you determine what the publisher wants. If there are errors, your score is rounded up to account for these errors. In addition, we will discuss in class to provide clarity.
  • McGraw-Hill offers WebEx training sessions for CONNECT regularly. If you have not already attended a training session, I strongly recommend you attend one of the sessions. You may access the training session throught the CONNECT ICON on this webpage

Cabrillo College Canvas Log In

Registered students need to login to Canvas Learning Systems beginning the first day of class. I strongly recommend students participate in the Canvas Overview. Then proceed to Cabrillo's Canvas and follow the instructions under “Activate/Reset Password”. Here, you can look up your Canvas account user name and password.



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