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Megan Caspers

Instructor since 1998

Faculty photo
Megan Caspers, Cabrillo College

Math 154 Elementary Algebra

Presents a systematic development of numbers, polynomials, and polynomial fractions, along with applications to the solution of linear equations, graphing of and solutions for systems of linear equations, quadratic equations, and an introduction to exponents and radicals.
May NOT be taken pass/no pass.
Prerequisite: MATH 254B or MATH 254CM or MATH 254SI or equivalent

Course Syllabus - This syllabus is for my on-campus daily class only!


Exam Reviews. Links will be updated throughout the semester.

Chapter 1 Real Numbers and Expressions

Chapter 2 Linear Equations

Chapter 3 Application Problems of Linear Equations

Chapter 4 Graphing Linear Equations

Chapter 5 Systems of Linear Equations

Chapter 6 Polynomials

Chapter 7 Factoring

Chapter 8 Rational Expressions and Equations

Chapter 9 Radical Expressions and Equations

Chapter 10 Quadratic Equations

Last updated: December 5, 2016

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