Mathematics Study Skills


#1 – How Learning Math is DifferentVideo  //  Questions

#2 – Time ManagementVideo  //  Questions

#3 – Listening and Note TakingVideo  //  Questions

#4 – HomeworkVideo  //  Questions

#5 – How To Study for an ExamVideo  //  Questions

#6 – Math and Text AnxietyVideo  //  Questions

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Contained in the videos below are math specific study skills aimed to assist your success in this mathematics class.  The strategies presented are from past students who were successful in this class, but DO NOT consider themselves “math people,” they were at one time sitting where you are.  Ideas were also taken from College Mathematics Faculty, as well as study skills and neuroscience literature. 

Watching the videos and answering the questions is optional.  That said, if you are new to college mathematics, have a fear of math, don’t think you can pass this class, have struggled with math in the past, or simply want to improve your grade, you are STRONGLY encouraged by me and past students to utilize this resource to its fullest.