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Mario Garcia Z.


CG 51: Planning for Success

1 unit: Transfers to UC and CSU

Springl 2019: On-line

Recommended Preparation: Eligibility for ENGL 100 and READ 100
Basic computer knowledge: "Internet" usage/surf and navigation, use of e-mail and word processing.


Welcome to CG 51, Planning for Success!  In this course, you will learn strategies for success, college services, university requirements, and educational alternatives. It integrates personal growth, learning techniques, academic and career success, problem solving, critical and creative thinking. We will have assignments and use on-line discussion questions to explore these strategies.


Course Description

CG 51, Planning for Success, is designed to assist you in developing the necessary skills to be successful in college and in life.  By the end of this course, you will be able to…

  1. Take charge of your life.  You will learn how to take greater personal responsibility, gaining more control over the outcomes and experiences that you will create both in college and in life.
  2. Master effective study skills:  You will learn how to raise your grades in college by improving essential skills such as reading, note taking, studying, memorizing, and test taking.
  3. Develop your Transfer Knowledge:  You will learn the transfer requirements to the University of California, the California State University and Private 4-year colleges and universities in California
  4. Improve personal self-management:  You will learn numerous strategies for taking control of your time (time management techniques) and energy, allowing you to move more effectively and efficiently toward the accomplishment of your goals and dreams.
  5. Improve Creative and Critical Thinking Skill:  You will learn how to enhance the thinking skills essential for analyzing and solving problems in your academic, professional, and personal lives.
  6. Write more effectively:  You will learn how to improve your writing skills through the extensive writing practice offered by your guided journal entries.
  7. Manage your Educational Finances:  You will learn about the different types of aid available to help you finance your education.


Registered Students
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Cabrillo College Canvas Log In

Registered students need to login to Canvas Learning Systems beginning the first day of class. I strongly recommend students participate in the Canvas Overview. Then proceed to Cabrillo's Canvas and follow the instructions under “Activate/Reset Password”. Here, you can look up your Canvas account user name and password.

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Important:  Once the semester begins all email must be done through the Canvas "Inbox" tool.

Wait List-Adds

Students will be provided add codes depending on the number of "no shows." Priority is given to students on the waitlist. To add the course, contact the instructor via email. In your email provide the course name & section number of the class and your full name and student ID. If there is space available you will be provided an add code so you can register.  You will have access to Canvas within 2-3 business days of being added.

Hardware and Software Requirements

You will need regular access to a computer and an updated web browser. Be sure you are using a supported web browser and your browser settings are correct for Blackboard, our course management system.

  • Mozilla Firefox, 3+
  • Internet Explorer 7.0+
  • Safari 3+
  • Java 2 Runtime Environment version 1.6.0_11
  • Pop-up blocker must be turned off and javascript enabled. Check your browser for compatibility with the course management system we will be using.
  • The QuickTime video plug-in is used (Quicktime 7.5 or newer is required)
  • Adobe Acrobat reader is used to open PDF files

The Computer Technology Center at both the Aptos and Watsonville campus has computers for students to use.


Assignments will consist of quizzes, on-line class discussions and exercises..


In the evaluation of your performance, emphasis is placed on the following components:

  • Quizzes
  • Class Participation:  Actively participate in class discussions through the Discussion Board
  • Assignments:  You will complete weekly assignments.

Tips for Successful Involvement and Completion of this Course

  • Show Up! Log in to Blackboard twice a week and check announcements and assignments.
  • Do the Work! Stay On Course with all reading assignments and exercises. NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED!
  • Participate Actively! Through the Discussion Board, you will be able to participate and interact with classmates by posting and responding to questions.








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