As a Business Management faculty member, I believe my role in the classroom is a facilitator of information and new concepts in the business field.  I like to challenge the students by encouraging them to participate in classroom discussion and allowing them to express their opinions on the issues.  I believe in the democratic and proactive system of teaching/management, thus, I often allow students to participate in the decision making process during the semester.  I am highly dedicated to bringing technology to the classroom.  I believe this is evident in my integration of technology in all my classes.  In order to increase the marketability of our students in the business environment, they must be exposed to and taught the latest technology (computer and related software).  I am also a strong advocate of bringing the “real world” to the classroom.  I accomplish that by relating the business theories and concepts to current global developments and technological innovations.  I also, encourage students to keep informed by continuously relating assignments to current business and world news and by searching the Internet.  I believe the Internet provides a great research, communication, and information tool to students, therefore, I have designed projects that require Internet usage and comprehension. 


In addition, I invite guest speakers from local industry to various classes to share their opinions, wisdom, and expertise with the students.  Furthermore, I use modern, up-to date videos of various business cases to provide support to the business concepts and theories discussed in the class.  Finally, students participate in simulation business games and small business projects that allow them to further enhance their knowledge of the business environment.


The faculty-student relationship must be based on mutual respect and understanding.  The faculty member’s role should be that of a coach, a cheerleader, and/or a director who sets goals for his/her team to achieve and assist in achieving those goals.  The instructor should capitalize on the diversity of the student body by encouraging creativity and new ideas that will enhance and ease the teaching/learning process.  It is my goal not only to provide my students with the basic understanding and application of business management, but also to enable them to work with each other in-group settings, be creative, and to effectively communicate their ideas and concerns.  Students should be viewed as individuals that are capable of anything and everything, however, instructors must be able to recognize the abilities, talents, and deficits of their students and systematically work on reducing the deficits and nurturing the talents.  My goal is to provide the learning experience that will enable the student to have the opportunity to effectively compete and excel in the global business environment.



Moe N. Hassan

Business Management.