My wonderful trip to southern Spain took place during June 2001. My trip focused on the Andalucia region and its history. My trip began in Seville, a city of culture, fun and flamenco. Seville is a beautiful city that has much to offer as far as art, history and entertainment. Seville prides itself in its cultural and art shows especially Flamenco dancing.. However, the whole southern region offers great Flamenco.  I also visited Cordoba which offers the great Mosque which was built during the Islamic empire and when Cordoba was the capital of Andalucia. Following Cordoba, I visited Granada, the home of  the Alhambra, a palace, a castle, and a fortress. A beautiful place with beautiful gardens. I also attended my first Bull-fight in Granada, great cultural experience but I must say it made me feel uncomfortable and shocked. From Granada,  I headed toward the Mediterranean, the coastal town of Nerja, nice touristy  town with gorgeous views. Finally, it was Malaga, a big city with beautiful beaches. The Andalucia is a region of history, architecture and much relaxation. My purpose of the trip was to observe the Islamic architecture and history in that region, as well as,  see the beauty of that region. I found the Andalucians to be supportive, friendly yet very much family and hometown oriented. I loved the gardens, flowers, and landscape of the various palaces (Alcazars). 

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