Summer 2002

My fifth journey to Europe was the longest overseas vacation I have ever had!

Five weeks of splendid time that was spent visiting friends, and new cities while experiencing various great cultural events!

My journey which started in the usual place "London" continued to Madrid, Seville, Malaga in Spain.

Then flew to Frankfort which was the starting point of the Germany tour which included Wiesbaden, Rhine area, Nurnberg,Hidleburg, and Nordlingen! All amazing especially as I toured and enjoyed them with my German friends!

Then took the train to Vienna (Wein), the center of art and culture! Attended three operas and two symphonies at the famous music halls of Vienna! Exceptional performances! After that it was time to get on the train to Budapest!

My first visit to Budapest, and my first to the former Eastern Block countries! After Budapest, came my final and most

lovely destination, Praha (Prague)....A great place to end a five-week adventure!

Summer 2004

The summer of 2004 presented an opportunity to visit the Great West of the United States. States that I have never visited but was really glad to see. The trip included three states, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Places we visited included the Grand Teton near Jackson Hole Wyoming (fablous lodge there for amazing views) and Yellowstone National Park where the Buffalo still roam. The visit to the Great West was an eye opener to the history and nature that exisit in that part of the country. Encountering the trails of Lewis and Clark along our trip was and added bonus that encourgaed me to explore further the great expedition of these two adventurers. Without the Lewis and Clark expedition, this country's borders could have very different and so would've the fate of the American Indian. To explore and read more about the Lewis and Clark expedition, I recommend "Undaunted Adventure," a great book by Stephen Amrbose.

For photos of Euro Journey & The Great WestClick on Euro Me & The Great West, USA!