South America-2006


South America's journey of discovery included visiting four countries, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. The journey was my first to South America. I tremendously enjoyed it as it opened my eyes to another part of the world that is full of history, amazing nature, great food, and fun people. While our time in Argentina and Uruguay was limited, I did have the opportunity to meet with locals, obtain a perspective on social and economic issues, enjoy great food and wine and most importantly make friends. Buenos Aires reminded me of Paris; it's definitely more of a European city than you would expect a South American one to be. Beside the tango shows, BA's food is fantastic, a mix of Italian and Spanish cuisine along with the famous grilled meats, "parillas."

On the other hand, traveling throughout Peru was fascinating. From Machu Pichu to Colca Canyon, the nature and country side can be breathtaking. Besides adjusting to high altitudes, I found Peru to be a wonderful place to visit due to its Inca history, the presence of the indigenous people, and friendliness of the Peruvian people. My favorite places among many great places were Arequipa and Colca Canyon. Machu Pichu is a class by itself and I definitely recommend it to any nature/adventure loving person. Also hiking the Putukussi mountain to overlook Mach Pichu from 2600 meters high, was one of most memorable experience. While I had the chance to stare poverty in the eye and feel for the hardship of many people in Peru, I found Peruvians to be friendly, accommodating, honest, and respectful and mucha tranquil.

As for Chile, Santiago de Chile is another major city; however, it's well organized and has well maintained parks. The food in Chile doesn't measure up to the taste and quality of Argentina or Peru, which was unfortunate to say the least. Though Chilean wines are more famous in the states, the Argentineans actually produce better quality wines (my opinion) such as the Malbec (similar to syrah). Chile's Lake District is gorgeous; we visited Lago Ranco and Valdivia, considered the most beautiful city in Chile. Lago Ranco is a clear water lake surrounded by huge boulders and mountains! The journey of discovery though short, was plentiful with surprises, and lifetime personal rewards. It's great to know the places, people, and cultures of this world. Salute...

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