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Mo Travels & Professional Background

Icame to the US in 1982 joining  my father who was working on his Ph.D. at the time. I left Iraq following the start of the Iran-Iraq war and have not been back since, due to terrible political and economic conditions in the country. I now consider myself citizen of the world,  a person that had lived in many places yet was looking for the perfect home which I gladly have found in Aptos, CA! I completed my studies of high school and college in Lexington, Kentucky. I worked in Kentucky following completing my MBA, as a part-time and full-time faculty. I also tried to enjoy life through travel and adventures. 

My passions are the outdoors and learning new things about new places and people.  I visited California several times during the 90s and I was struck with the beauty of the Bay area, especially Monterey and Santa Cruz. My philosophy isto combine teaching with a good location . I like teaching business because it keeps me updated on what's happening in the world. Business is in everything and everything effects business.  I  like sharing information and relate the concepts on a global perspective. I like learning and sharing the cultural and social differences around the world and their impact on life and business. I often think globally that's why I am working on developing an International Business program and love to teach with an international emphasis.

I like to travel because travel  has expanded my mind and way of thinking and analyzing life issues. In 97 I traveled to Europe and did a backpack and train ride through western Europe. I  covered, England, France, Spain, Italy and Switzerland. It was great trip. I liked it so much that I decided to take a group of students  on a Europe adventure, we covered all of the mentioned countries plus Holland and Germany. I am totally impressed with the English manners, the French class,  Spanish friendliness, and Italian history and food. 
My recent adventures have taking  me to Vancouver, Alaska, Panama, central Europe,  and Japan.  My recent visit to Panama was a great adventure and cultural experience. I  believe that if people travel  more and  know  more about each other will  have greater peace on our planet. Travelling is totally one of my passions.

I also like outdoor activities like Mt biking, hiking (wilder ranch), skydiving. ) and whitewater rafting . I love rafting and high rapids, it's a great rush.  I have just got into surfing and boogie boarding  not really good at it yet but I am enjoying the learning process. Love it so far! 

On the intellect side,  I like politics and  life issues. I try to be informed and aware of  world issues I like to be challenged and always up on learning new info.  Recently I have been reading  Zen philosophy and learning  to achieve  mindfulness.  Learning different philosophies of life expands your horizon. What is yours?
Life can be a bitch or a beach depending on your outlook of it. I despise war, discrimination and bigotry.  I am not much on those who are far leftist or rightist, I like a happy center on most issues.e..  Well I think that's all for now.  I work best with those who have initiative and  are self motivated. Would love to hear from you
@ molatte4u@hotmail.com Good luck,  Peace,  Sallam.

"You have to believe that you're doing what you want and not wanting what you're not

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