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Math Resources:

Math Learning Center

(1074 Upstairs from the library, Aptos)

Integrated Learning Center

(Watsonville 4410)


(Aptos 714)


Math Department

My Schedule and Office Hours -

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00 - 9:10





9:30 - 10:40





11:10 - 12:20












1:30 - 2:45











I can see you any time I am not teaching or in a meeting. Check with me in class, by phone or by email to set up appointment times.

You may come to my office before or after class any day, though I may be preparing for my next class. I am available most Fridays after 12 noon, but you will need to arrange a meeting time with me in advance.


Resources for Students

The Cabrillo Website contains many useful resources for you. Begin by visiting the Resources and Labs page.