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Math Resources:

Math Learning Center

(1074 Upstairs from the library, Aptos)

Integrated Learning Center



(room 714 Aptos)


Math Department

Finite Math - Math 13 (Section #63762)

Please let me know of any useful sites you find!



Weekly Schedule and Assignments

Weekly Schedule and Assignments (pdf file for printing)

Text book:

Finite Mathematics: An Applied Approach by Michael Sullivan, 10th edition, ISBN 978-0-470-12863-3

A New Gift: Answers to Sample Final (12/13/09)

Start of Class

Day 1 - 5 word problem set up

Worksheet/Quiz #1

Using the Calculator for Matrices

9/23 Notes on Matrix Inverse Method

Linear Programming

Example Problem from class

Tailor Problem with Simplex Method on TI-83

Linear Programming Using the TI Calculator

LP Worksheet

Simplex Questions

LP 5 Application Problems

Berlin Airlift Problem

Web Resources for Linear Programming

LP Solver, UC Berkeley RIOT site

Princeton University Online LP Book

Hofstra College Review of LP



Sequences and Their Sums

Formula Sheet

Plan A/Plan B (10/22)

Credit Cards

Introductory Finance Problems (11/5)

8 Finance Problems (Harder)

Ammortization Problem

Ammortization with Excel


Counting Recap

Twelve Days of Christmas

Pascal's Triangle

Rat Problem

Probability: Experiment vs Theory

Two Dice Sums & Probability Questions

Ask Dr. Math: Permutations and Combinations

Calculator Sites

Hotmath Tutorial for TI 83/84

WatchMe Ware for TI83Plus

Texas Instruments Page

Sample Tests

Sample Test 1

Sample Test 2

Sample Test 3, Answers

Sample Final

Special Needs

Accommodations are provided to ensure equal opportunity for students with verified disabilities. Go to my Cabrillo Homepage to review my office hours, then correspond with me, include a verification of your disability and a counselor's or specialist's recommendation for accommodating your needs. Get more information from Cabrillo College's Disabled Students Program and Services.

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