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Math Resources:

Math Learning Center

(1074 Upstairs from the library, Aptos)

Integrated Learning Center



(room 714 Aptos)


Math Department

Number Systems - Math 15 (Section #75784)

Please let me know of any useful sites you find!



Copy of the Student Information Sheet you will fill out for me

Weekly Schedule and Assignments (pdf file for printing)

Text book:

Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers by Bassarear, 5th edition, ISBN 978-0-8400-5463-0

Worksheets, Handouts, Materials from Class

Chapter 1

Initial Reflection

Format for Problem Write-ups

problems to share, Pigs and Chickens Large, Census Taker Overhead

More word problems, Priest & Banker OH

Polya's problem solving steps

Pascal's Triangle,

How Many Rectangles

Two Centimeter Graph Paper

Magic Suares

Chapter 2

Venn Diagram Overheads

5 set Venn Diagram

Attribute Avenues (the activity with the attribute blocks)

Attribute Block Lab

Alphabitia Lab (Exploration 2.8) Started 2-16-2012

Addition and Subtraction in Alphabitia (Exploration 3.1)

Different Bases (Exploration 2.9)

base 5 units, base 5 longs and flats, base 5 longflats

Fun with Fen

Numeration Systems and Bases Worksheet 1

Numeration Systems and Bases Worksheet 2

Numeration Systems: Connect the Dots

Examples of Different Numeration Systems

Chapter 3

Hundreds Chart

CGI Classification and Explanation of Addition & Subtraction Problems

CGI Classification of Adding and Subtracting Problems Examples

Practice the Classification

Modeling Problems with Cuisenaire Rods

Exploration 3.3: Addition: Children's Algorithms

Exploration 3.6: Subtraction: Children's Algorithms

Exploration 3.8: Patterns in the Multiplication Table

Exploration 3.13: Alternative Algorithms for Multiplication

Exploration 3.18: Dealing with Remainders

Exploration 3.19: The Scaffolding Algorithm

Chapter 4

Factor Game

Exploration 4.3: Finding All Factors of a Number

Exploration 4.5: Cycles

GCF and LCM word problems OH

Chapter 5

Geoboard Paper

Fraction Equivalence

Fraction Addition and Subtraction

Fraction Multiplication

Fraction Division

Fraction Word Problems

Exploration 5.8: Fractions with Different Manipulatives

Exploration 5.9: Partitioning Wholes

Exploration 5.10: Ordering Fractions

Exploration 5.11: Developing Fraction Sense

Exploration 5.12: Developing Operation Sense

Exploration 5.13: Meanings of Operations with Fractions

Exploration 5.14: Alternate algorithms for Dividing Fractions

Exploration 5.15: Remainders

Exploration 5.19: Decimal Game

Integer Operations (Positive and Negative Numbers)

Section 5.3 Article from Teaching Math in Middle School

Origami Stars (How to make the basic piece and assemble the stellated octahedron)

Decimal Operations with Base 10 Blocks

State and Local Sites

CA Department of Education

Content Standards

Common Core Content Standards for Mathematics

Grade Level Curriculum

Mathematics Framework Site

pdf File of 2005 Math Framework

Santa Cruz County Office of Education

Teacher Education:

San Jose State Teacher Ed Resource Site

Teacher Education Program (SJSU)

Family Math and EQUALS programs, Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

California Mathematics Council (This is the group with the annual conference at Asilomar.)

AIMS Education Foundation

Math and Classroom Resources

Math Forum at Drexel University

SF Exploratorium Matazine (Origami article)


Math Applets from McGraw Hill site

Virtual Manipulative Kit (also a McGraw Hill site)

Color Transparencies for Math Manipulatives

Calculator Sites

Hotmath Tutorial for TI 83/84

WatchMe Ware for TI83Plus

Texas Instruments Page

Tests and Investigation

Take Home Exam 1

Take Home Exam 2

Investigation on Divisibility Base n

Grading Rubric for Investigation

Take Home Exam 3

Final Reflection (due 5/24/12)

Special Needs

Accommodations are provided to ensure equal opportunity for students with verified disabilities. Go to my Cabrillo Homepage to review my office hours, then correspond with me, include a verification of your disability and a counselor's or specialist's recommendation for accommodating your needs. Get more information from Cabrillo College's Disabled Students Program and Services.

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