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Intermediate Algebra - Math 152 (Sections #79152 and 79156/79157)

Check out the updated weekly schedule. Exam 3 is on Wed. May 15. There will be no class on Thurs. May 16.


Welcome to Math 152 letter


student information sheet I will collect from you

Weekly Schedule and Assignments

Weekly Schedule and Assignments

List of Assignments

Grade Tracking Worksheet


Intermediate Algebra for College Students by Robert Blitzer, custom edition, ISBN: 9780536698230 (We are using an edition created for Cabrillo College students. Hopefully you can find used copies. If you can find the 4th or 5th edition of this text online cheaply, it should work just fine.) I will put copies of the DVDs and CDs that come with the book in the MLC and ILC for you to use.

Worksheets for In-Class Notes & Lecture (Thanks to Mark DeSmet!)

Chapter 1

Expressions & Real Numbers

Chapter 2

2.1 Introduction to Functions

2.2 Graphs of Functions

2.4 Linear Functions

2.5 Point-Slope Formula

Chapter 3

3.1 Systems of Equations

3.2 Applications of Systems of Equations

3.3 3 by 3 Systems

Chapter 4


Chapter 5

5.1 Polynomials

5.2 Polynomial Multiplication



Chapter 6

6.2 Adding & Subtracting Rational Expressions

6.7 Formulas and Applications

Chapter 7

7.2 Rational Exponents

Rational Expressions from a 1928 algebra book

7.7 Complex Numbers

Chapter 8

8.1 Square Root Property

8.2 Quadratic Formula

8.3 Graphs of Quadratics

8.5 Polynomial Inequalities

Chapter 9

9.1 Exponential Functions

9.2 Compositions and Inverses

9.3 Logarithmic Functions

Chapter 10

10.1 Distance Formula and Midpoints

10.2 Ellipses

10.4 Parabolas

10.4 Conic Problems

Publisher Provided Worksheets

Chapter 1 Practice

Chapter 2 Practice

Chapter 3 Practice

Chapter 4 Practice

Chapter 5 Practice

Chapter 6 Practice

Chapter 7 Practice

Chapter 8 Practice

Chapter 9 Practice

Chapter 10 Practice


Final Exam Review

Sample Final

Review Materials for Tests

Exam 1 Topics

Exam 2 Topics

Sample Questions for Exam 2

Exam 3 Topics

Sample Exam 3


Quiz 1

Quiz 2

Quiz 3

Quiz 4

Quiz 5

Quiz 6

Quiz 6 Solutions

Quiz 7

Quiz 8 (due Monday)

Quiz 9 (due Wednesday)


Test 1 (version 1)

Test 1 (version 2)

Test 2

Test 2 Solutions

Test 3

Useful Links

Algebra 2 Go (This site is a blast. Videos, worksheets and notes.) (this has algebra lessons)

Kahn Academy (less entertaining than Algebra 2 Go, but links to a ton of topics)

Purple Math Algebra Help

Ask Dr. Math

The Joy of Pi

Math as a Language

Quadratic Formula Song

History of Mathematics

Mathematicians Born on this Date

Power Points

Here are zip files with powerpoints for each chapter: (When you open them, the files will be extracted with chapter and section numbers in their names.)

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Here are some review lessons I found on the internet for Algebra:

(Some of these will be more advanced than what was covered in Math 154.)

1 Properties of Numbers

2 Substitution

3 Operations with Variables

4 Solving Equations

5 Exponential Notation

6. Solving Equations

7 Solving Inequalities

8 Absolute Value Inequalities

9 Functions

10 Graphing Lines

Special Needs

Accommodations are provided to ensure equal opportunity for students with verified disabilities. Go to my Cabrillo Homepage to review my office hours, then correspond with me, include a verification of your disability and a counselor's or specialist's recommendation for accommodating your needs. Get more information from Cabrillo College's Disabled Students Program and Services.

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