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Math Learning Center

(1074 Upstairs from the library, Aptos)

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(room 714 Aptos)

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Experiential Mathematics - Math 190A (Section #69446)



Weekly Schedule and Assignments


Grade Tracking Sheet (a list of all assignments)


Developing Mathematics through Applications (Elementary) , by Nancy Crisler and Gary Simundza, COMAP Inc., Key College Publishing, Emeryville, CA 2003 . (You can find copies of this on the internet for about $5.)

Information about acquiring texts is in the Sites link

Fabulous Pre-algebra/Elementary Algebra Site:

Algebra 2 go


This is a collection of videos, worksheets, class notes and other things for learning arithmetic and algebra concepts. It was made by Lawrence Perez at Saddleback College. The class notes are in both English and Spanish, the videos are in English.

Kahn Academy:

Kahn Academy (less entertaining than Algebra 2 Go, but links to a ton of topics)

Links to class lessons:

How the Brain Works

Week 1 (Aug 30): Order of Operations, Section 1.1 of the textbook

Week 2 (Sept 6): Section 1.2 of the textbook

Week 3 (Sept 13): Area and Perimeter 4-6, Area and Perimeter 4-8 , geometric formulas, graph paper

Week 4 (Sept 20):Units of Measurement , appendix from text (conversions), Unit Conversion (due 9/27)

Error Analysis: Names of Large Numbers, Measurements in Science, Powers of 10 demonstration video

Week 5 (Sept 27):Topics to Study for Test 1 , Fractions with Cuisenaire Rods(due 10/4) , Student Questionnaire

Week 6 (Oct 4):C-RodFractions part 2, Percents, Test 1 on Wednesday, Test review

Week 7 (Oct 11): No class, you'll be gathering data for social research projects

Week 8 (Oct 18): Making Graphs, Student Data(pdf), Student Data (xls), Wed Excel Lab in room 4530, Working with Data, Lab Pie Graph Activity (Favorite Color) , Excel Homework (Tecnician,Teacher & Astronaut Graphs)

Week 9 (Oct 25): Mon Excel Lab in room 4530,Frequency Histograms, Mean, Median, Mode & Range, Lab Activity 2 (1graph, 2 mean median & mode with class data) , p.52 and 53 from textbook

Week 10 (Nov 1): Mon Excel Lab 4530, Time Magazine Interpreting Graphs, Ratios and Percents (p.244,245)

Week 11 (Nov 8):Fractions in class, Fraction worksheet (O to Y), Ratio Packet (p. 237-245)

Week 12 (Nov 15): Volumes and Surface Areas, Test Review Topics, Sample Test Questions, Assessment Test Recommendations

Week 13 (Nov 22):Test #2 on Wednesday 11/24

Week 14 (Nov 29):Your final presentations will be on Friday, December 3. We will work on the charts for your projects and anything else you need this week.

Week 15 (Dec 6):No class

Week 16 (Dec 13): Finals Week- No class

Extra help with fractions: Fractions & Percents (p. 68-71),

Special Needs

Accommodations are provided to ensure equal opportunity for students with verified disabilities. Go to my Cabrillo Homepage to review my office hours, then correspond with me, include a verification of your disability and a counselor's or specialist's recommendation for accommodating your needs. Get more information from Cabrillo College's Disabled Students Program and Services.

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