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Math Learning Center

(1074 Upstairs from the library, Aptos)

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(room 714 Aptos)


Math Department

Analytic Geometry and Calculus 1 - Math 5A (Section #79233)

Please let me know of any useful sites you find!

3/14 Pi Day curvature activity Just for you on March 14...

Exponent Problems from an old algebra text (1930s)



Welcome Letter

Weekly Schedule and Assignments

Weekly Schedule (pdf file for printing)

Assignments - Textbook Homework Problems 7th edition

Assignments - Textbook Homework Problems 6th edition

Copy of Student Information form I will collect from you

Text book:

Calculus: Early Transcendentals by James Stewart, 7th edition,

  • there is also a "one-variable" edition if you do not plan to take Math 5C
  • ISBN:9781133295327 for the Cabrillo Custom Edition (you don't really need this for me.) We will not be using "web assign", so you can try to find the 7th edition online if you like. If you want to use the 6th edition, you may. Notice that I have provided homework assignments for both editions.



Web Search

Function Match

Worksheet 1

Chapter 2

The Assignment due next Tuesday is here ("Have Fun")

Limits/Absolute Value("Have Fun")

Warm up


Worksheet 2

Limits from Graphs


Worksheet 3

for section 2.6: information about rational functions

Full rational function worksheet from Math 2 and Math 4 class

Chapter 3

Worksheet 4

Worksheet 5

Inverse Trig Functions

Worksheet 6 (Product Rule etc.)

Trigonometric Functions on the Unit Circle

Related Rates

Catenary Curve from National Curve Bank Site (section 3.11)

Chapter 4

LHospital's Rule Worksheet

Curves and Derivatives

Max/Min Problems

More Max/Min Problems

Newton's Method

L'Hospital's disclaimer

Chapter 5

Mathematical Induction

Section 5.2 Worksheet

Section 5.3 worksheet

Riemann Sum

Useful Links (let me know if they are...)

Patrick's Math Tutorials (Thanks, Colin)

Trig - Unit Circle

Dave's short course in trigonometry

Wolfram Math World - Calculus

Winplot for Windows


Mathematicians Born on this Date

Purple Math - help with algebra Calculus Tutorials

Paul's Online Notes for Calculus (Lamar University)

The Free Lecture Notes Page

Utah Education Network Links

Drexel University Calculus Forum Calculus Lessons

U. Rhode Island, Nancy Eaton's Calculus Sites

Calculator Sites

Hotmath Tutorial for TI 83/84

WatchMe Ware for TI83Plus

Texas Instruments Page

Review Problems

Exam 1

Exam 2 (Look at #12, 13, 14c, and 15 from the exam 1 review also.)

Solutions to Exam 2

Exam 3

Ch. 5 Review

Sample Final

Sample Final Answers

Spring 2011 Exams

Exam 1 In-class

Exam 1 Take Home

Exam 2 In-class

Exam 3 In-class

Exam 3 Question 3

Exam 3 Take Home

Special Needs

Accommodations are provided to ensure equal opportunity for students with verified disabilities. Go to my Cabrillo Homepage to review my office hours, then correspond with me, include a verification of your disability and a counselor's or specialist's recommendation for accommodating your needs. Get more information from Cabrillo College's Disabled Students Program and Services.

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