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FALL 2016:

MUS 12 -- World Music ONLINE

Surveys the traditional music cultures of Asia, Africa, Europe, Native America and Latin America. Emphasis is on the evolution and performance practices of musical styles and the relationship between a culture's music and its religious, political, and social structure. Section 94154 is an ONLINE course. Meets 8/29 - 12/17.

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Information for all online courses:

Waitlisted students in full-term Distance Education courses must contact me before the beginning of the semester to maintain their waitlist status.  This contact is best done via e-mail. 

There will be no face-to-face orientation session for any of my online classes.  All instructional time is entirely online; orientation will take place online during the first week of class.

Online coursework assumes the student has consistent high quality access to the internet, and is familiar with common internet protocol such as uploading and downloading files and using multimedia.  Technical difficulties are not legitimate reasons for late work or missed assignments.
I highly suggest that students read through the college's Distance Learning web pages thoroughly before classes begin.

It is important that all students actively participate in online classes during the first week of the semester.  Failure to do so will result in the student being dropped from the course.  I recommend that you log in and visit the classroom site on the first day of classes.

Courses are entirely online
All of our work, from beginning to end, will be done online, or through my e-mail in the case of more confidential communication. Students have the responsibility of reading everything presented on the site, especially the information in the Course Documents.

Good writing skills are essential to successful completion
All of your work will be presented through writing. Your grades will be based upon the quality of your original content and the manner in which it is presented in written form. Treat your discussion forum work as if you were presenting finished material in hard copy. Any assignments that are presented in a style similar to texting, instant messaging, tweets, etc. will not receive credit.

If you need writing assistance, take advantage of Cabrillo's free Online Writing Center.

Online classes are not easier than regular courses.  Even though the scheduled work is asynchronous, regular weekly assignments are required.  Be sure to set aside sufficient time in your regular schedule for online work. 

The course moves fast
Don't get behind, because it will be difficult to catch up. Every assignment has a specific due date and time, primarily Mondays and Thursdays. All work leading up to those due dates will be done within your own schedule -- be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to complete the assignments. I do accept late work (with a loss of points) if the work is turned in within one week of its due date.

More Information
Once you have logged into the classroom, you are responsible for reading the section called Course Documents for important information about the workings of the class, including discussion guidelines, assignments, the syllabus, and grading rubrics. 


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