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Physics 10 Syllabus
Fall 2018

Learner Outcomes from the Catalog:
Analyze natural phenomena using physical concepts;
(b) Describe concepts and applications using the language of physics.

Click here to read an article by Nobel laureate Carl Wieman on how STEM education should train students to think like scientists.

Physics changes the way you see the world!

Instructor Information

Name:  Marcus Watson
Phone Number:
(831) 479-6519
826C (Side near the parking structure)
Office Hours & PLC Hours: Please check my schedule

Course Information

Course: Conceptual Physics, 3.0 units.
When We Meet: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 9.30 am - 10.50 am, Room 804.
Recommended text: Conceptual Physics, Paul G. Hewitt, editions 9-12 are fine.
Prerequisites: A "C" or better in MATH 154.

This course provides a conceptual introduction to physics for non-science majors. Class meets for 80 minutes, twice a week. Missing 5 classes will result in an automatic drop (or an F), so please be aware of your absences and communicate with Marcus if things get out of hand. I expect your cell phones to be turned off or set to vibrate. If you need to answer your phone, please sit near an aisle seat and step outside to talk.

Homework: Assigned corresponding to current material. Homework will be due as shown on the schedule. Investing time doing the homework will greatly increase your chances of success in this class.

Quizzes: Quizzes will be given when homework is due.

Celebrations of Knowledge: There will be 2 in-class exams and a final exam. All exams will cover material from the class, the videos, and any *assigned* readings.

Course grades will be assigned by the A=90% / B=80% / C=70% / D=60% cutoff scale. The grading is not curved, so you are competing only against these standards, not against each other. There is no fixed number of A grades given. This means that everyone can succeed! Please work in groups and help each other so everyone does well.

Quizzes             20%
Homework        20%
3 celebrations   60%

Academic Honesty

Please review the Cabrillo statement in the catalog regarding plagiarism / academic dishonesty. Collaboration on exams or plagiarizing the work of a colleague is strictly forbidden and will result in the failure of this class and the full extent of disciplinary action allowed by the College.


Students needing accommodations should contact the instructor ASAP. Veterans may qualify for accommodations. Wounded Warriors may have acquired injuries which through the Americans with Disabilities Act, entitles the use of accommodations to ensure equal opportunity for students with verified disabilities. To determine if you qualify or need assistance with an accommodation, please contact Disabled Student Services, Room 1073, at 479-6379 or the Learning Skills Program in Room 1073, at 479-6220.


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