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Physics 10 -- Spring 2018
Tue 6:00 - 9:00 pm
Aptos Campus, rm. 804

Paul Graham
pagraham {at} cabrillo {dot} edu

Office Hours:

Tue, 5:00 - 5:50 pm, Rm. 804

Syllabus and tentative schedule

Midterm #1:

Our second midterm will be in class on Tuesday, April 19. The exam will be open-note, but no textbooks or electronic communication devices can be used.

To help you prepare, here are two full-length sample exams: the Spaceship exam (and its solutions) and the Time-Traveler exam (and its solutions). These sample tests are similar in philosophy to the real exam, but do not necessarily cover exactly the same material.

Midterm Review Sessions:

Mon, Apr 16 from 5-7 pm (in room 804 for the first half, 802 for the second half)
Tue, Apr 17 from 4-5:45 pm (location TBA)

Review sessions will be driven mainly by students' questions!
In addition, I will be in the STEM Center as always from 11-4:45 on Saturday.


. Set #1 (Due Tuesday, Feb 6)
Set #2 (Due Tuesday, Feb 13)
Set #3 (Due Tuesday, Feb 27)