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Physics 10 -- Fall 2018
M/W 9:30 - 10:50 am
Aptos Campus, rm. 804

Paul Graham
pagraham {at} cabrillo {dot} edu

Office Hours:

M/W 11:15 - noon, Rm. 834 (the STEM Center)

Syllabus and tentative schedule

Stuff related to Final Exam:

Our final exam will be in class on Wednesday, Dec 12. The test will be open-notes (but not open-book or internet). To help you prepare, here is a full-length sample exam, and a second one (with solution.)

We will also be holding several review sessions (in addition to usual STEM Center times and office hours):
Wed, 1-3 pm (room TBA -- I will post a sign on 804)
Thu, 6-8 pm in rm 802
Fri, 11 am - 1 pm and 3-5 pm, both in rm 804
Mon, 10 am - noon in rm 802 and 6-8 in TBA
Tue, 4-6 pm; room TBA.

Problem Sets:

Problem Set #1 (Due Wed. Sep 12)