Honors-Level work in Physics 4B

Link to Cabrillo's Honors Transfer Program

The Honors Transfer Program offers students the chance to be recognized for work that goes above and beyond the standard lower-division curriculum. It’s a great program – you can read more about it at the above link -- and I strongly believe that many of our 4B students are up to the challenge of the additional work and rigor it would provide.

Physics 4B (along with many other advanced STEM classes) is a “Designated Honors Course”...a confusing bit of nomenclature which means that it is not ordinarily considered an honors course, but can be converted into one by means of an “Honors Contract”. This would give you an opportunity to add a challenging project to your Physics 4B work, and receive Honors recognition for it.

An Honors project will probably require 15-25 hours total additional work over the course of the semester. If you would like to delve into the project in more detail after the semester ends, I will be around in January to work with you further.

If this sounds interesting, the steps would be:

Step 1: Download an honors contract from this link: Cabrillo Honors Contract

Step 2: Decide on the broad outline of the Honors Project you would like to complete. This can be as simple as choosing one of the three suggested paths to a Phys 4B Honors Project, and giving a bit of thought to how you want to customize that path to your interests. You do not need to worry about specific project design until after Midterm #1.

Step 3: Submit the Honors Contract to Paul and/or Joe, on or before Monday Sept. 25. (If you miss the deadline, talk to me; we can still probably make it work. But if you’re reading this before the deadline, please bring the paperwork on time!)

Step 4: If you are not already a member of the Cabrillo Honors Program, apply for membership. Your membership would not become active until Spring Semester, but we can apply Honors status for Physics 4B retroactively.

Note: The requirements for acceptance to the Honors Program include a 3.3 GPA. If your GPA is below this level, you can still do an extra project for Physics 4B. It may not be eligible for Honors credit, but an impressive project would still get you a great recommendation letter from any of the Physics faculty.