Economics 1A, Intro to Macroeconomics



This page contains links to the handouts that are distributed in my Econ 1A course. Not all handouts are used every semester. The four groups related to how the course is separated into four exams. Click on description to download the file.


Note: It is possible that there are errors in the answer sheets. If you have any question about an answer, please e-mail me and Ill verify the answer or correct the error.


Helpful Information for the Class



Notes from a recent student



Section I


*** Planning Document ***


Notes on Economic Growth

Notes on The Market for Loanable Funds



  Answers for above worksheet.

  Answers for above worksheet

  Answers for above worksheet

  Answers for above worksheet

  answers for Quick Loan Market Review


Section II


*** Planning Document ***


Notes on Market for Money



Section III


*** Planning Document ***


Notes on Unemployment

Notes on Business Cycles




Section IV


*** Planning Document ***


Clicker Review for Section IV (may not be done in class)

Answers to above Clicker Review


Notes on government policy

Notes on Phillips Curve