Economics 1B, Intro to Microeconomics



This page contains links to the handouts that are distributed in my Econ 1B course.  Not all handouts are used every semester.  The four groups related to how the course is separated into four exams. Click on description to download the file.


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Utility Take Home Quiz (this quiz is on the chapter titled “Consumer Choice” and includes the Appendix to that chapter)

Capstone Industry Take Home Project Part 1

Industry Project Part 2


Descriptions of Pricing Strategies


Study Guide







Section I

Supply and Demand Worksheets:

·        Basics

·        Ice Cream example

·        Skateboard examples

·        Blender example

Elasticity Worksheets:

·        Basics

·        Calculations, Price Elasticity

·        Calculations, all elasticities

Efficiency, areas of the graph:

·        Intro

·        Market


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Revew of Section 1 by Written Questions

Answer to above



Section II


Section III


Section IV