Phil Kaplan Bio

Known for his smaller size, lack of speed and a non-explosive 4-inch vertical jump, Phil Kaplan never amounted to much in the world of competitive volleyball. In fact, he was so terrible his mother secretly paid people to play with him. Phil didn't bother himself with wins and losses. Rather, he talks fondly about the time back in 1976 where he scored 1 point off the World Champions, Jim Menges and Greg Lee. Never mind the fact that Menges and Lee were distracted by the beauty contest happening on a nearby stage.

As a coach, success didn't come any easier. He has learned through hard work and persistence that victory is something we don't need to report to the newspapers. There are already too many winners out there and it surely doesn't build character, only "characters". One of Phil's teams did win a match once but, unfortunately, he was home sick with the flu that day. Oh well, it must have been all the intense training he puts his players through ("Hey Norton wake up! Practice is no time to be taking a nap!").

To his credit, Coach Kaplan has influenced a number of world class athletes (too numerous to mention). Currently, he is working on his autobiography and can be heard talking frequently about the lack of respect rampant in the volleyball world. Should you like to consult or hire Mr. Kaplan feel free to contact him at home. Please be advised, though, an individual of his magnitude doesn't come cheap!

The Slightly More Official Story:

The coordinator, Phil Kaplan, has been teaching and coaching volleyball for over thirty years and is a former state-ranked player. He has Master's Degrees in Physical Education and Sociology, received certification as a National Coach by the U.S. Volleyball Association and was named Northern California and Pacific Coast Coach of the Year. He currently teaches Physical Education at Cabrillo College.