Intermediate Beach Volleyball (Kin 56B)
Cabrillo College

Instructor: Phil Kaplan
Message Phone: 477-3700 Ext. 1529
Web Site:π
Office Hours: One-half hour before class and after class or by arrangement
Class Schedule: TTH 2-4 PM at Main Beach, Santa Cruz

***In the event of rain or other adverse conditions, the instructor will send an email to all members of the class with instructions for the day.***

Student Learning Outcomes
At the end of the semester, students should be able to: 1. Demonstrate proper mechanics of basic volleyball skills including passing, setting, spiking and serving with an increasing degree of proficiency; 2. Demonstrate proper mechanics of more advanced skills of spiking and digging; 3. Play beach volleyball in a game situation demonstrating an awareness of basic 2-person (doubles) offensive and defensive strategies.

Each class will typically include warm-up, stretching, movement patterns, conditioning, individual skill development, patterns of team play, game-like situations, and a cool down. Weekly tournaments will be held. This class is designed to be fun and very active. It will also contribute significantly to physical fitness, skill proficiency, competitive experience and an appreciation of "power" beach volleyball.

Students are expected to attend class on a regular basis and come with a positive attitude toward learning and participation. Layered clothing, a hat, socks (a must for hot weather!), sunscreen, water and energy snacks are strongly recommended. Parking at Main Beach is by meters unless you park 10 minutes away on Center or Washington Streets (near Depot Soccer Field and Police Station) and walk to the courts. Certain times of the year, parking is available for free in the neighborhoods and at the Boardwalk.

Class participation and arriving on time will be considered an important part of a student’s grade. See "Earning A Grade" for more information. It is the student’s responsibility for adding and dropping a course with the necessary paperwork being submitted to the Admissions Office; failure to do so may result in a “No Pass” grade. A “W” (Withdraw) grade cannot be given after 75% of the semester is completed. Students are permitted only four semesters of volleyball (any combination of skill levels) for credit while at Cabrillo. If you have taken four volleyball classes, see me about alternatives.

Special Circumstances, Emergencies and Campus Closure:
Students needing accommodations due a disability should inform the instructor. As required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), accommodations are provided to insure equal access for students with verified disabilities. To determine if you qualify or need assistance with an accommodation, please contact ACCESSIBILITY SUPPORT CENTER (Formerly DSPS), Room 1073, (831)479-6379.. Should a problem arise during the semester, feel free to call or email the instructor. If a problem or injury develops during class time, let the instructor know immediately so we can deal with it before it becomes too serious. In the event of a disaster (Flu Outbreak, power outages, earthquake, etc) updated information and instructions will be found on the homepage of my website ( In the event of rain or other adverse conditions, the instructor will send an email to all members of the class with instructions for the day.

Extensive volleyball resources along with Frequently Asked Questions, nearly all of our course handouts and class photos can be found on my web site. We are collecting old cell phones, printer cartridges, small electronics, iPods, MP3 players, corks and energy bar wrappers (foil inside) to raise funds for the Orangutan Conservancy, Santa Cruz SPCA and Save Our Shores.