Indoor Volleyball through Capitola Parks & Rec

Monday Evenings for more advanced players (familiar with 6-2 offense) start every 4 weeks at the VHM Gymnasium on Capitola Rd Extension

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Indoor Volleyball Class at Cabrillo College (Currently Not Offered)



Phil's 16 week Cabrillo College Indoor Volleyball class is an excellent way to learn the game, improve your skills, have tons of fun and meet many new friends.

Class Objectives:

The purpose of Volleyball is to review and improve the basic skills of passing, setting, spiking, and serving. More advanced techniques and tactics will be introduced including set and attack variations, blocking and digging skills, the floater serve, free ball passing, and spiker coverage. Students will also have an opportunity to participate in various offensive and defensive team formations.


Each class will typically include warm-up, stretching, movement patterns, conditioning, individual skill development, patterns of team play, game-like situations, and a cool down. Occasional tournaments will be held. This class is designed to be fun and very active. It will also contribute significantly to physical fitness, skill proficiency, competitive experience and an appreciation of "power" volleyball.

Course Outline

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Course Materials for Hiking and Volleyball

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