Contact Phil Kaplan


Cabrillo students: I will contact students via email at least 2 hours before the start time should a class be cancelled due to rain or adverse conditions. Current Hiking students will have Phil's cellphone number.

Email is the best way to get ahold of Phil. Click here for email

Tournament Participants: If you are going to be late for a tournament or can't make it at the last moment call Liz at 831-818-9248.

For general tournament questions email Liz at lizzyfowler (at) (replace (at) with @).

Contact the Webbmaster, Ian

Email me here:

Hello everyone! It's been nothing short of an honor to be able to work on Phil Kaplan's website. I'm a huge fan of both his hiking and beach volleyball classes, and play in every "No Attitudes" tournament that I can. It's a real gift he brings to our community, and I respect him and his programs very much.

Regarding the site itself, this is the Beta version, meaning there will likely be more changes coming in the next few months, and new features added too. Any feedback you may have is welcomed.

Feel free to contact me with:

-feedback about the website (what you like and don't like)
-New testimonials about Phil's classes/tournaments to be posted here
-Photos from Phil's beach and indoor tournaments you would like to see included on the site
-Invitations to play some Beach Volleyball with ya! I'm new-ish, true, but improving (thanks Phil!)

Designer for hire!

I am also available for print and web design, as well as computer support and tutoring, all with friendly service & very reasonable rates. Email me and we'll get your project going!

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