"No Attitudes Allowed" Volleyball Tournament

Dedicated to Mike Leimbach, Paul Ticknor, Scott Sterling and the Spinal Cord Society

August 18, 2007 Finalists


The Participants


Mike Leimbach and Phil


Coed Champions: Ben Wolfe, Susie Kaplan, Craig Cocchi, Christina Hoefer


Men's Champions: Josh Brown, Pavel Pietryka, Andrew Park, Kris Horne


Novice Champions: Kevin ("I Own Ian") Hulin, Annis Englen, Sarah Macy, Ian Webb


Coed Consolation Champions: Chris Thomas, Lilly Denevan, Michelle Delplanche, Pete Yee


Novice Tide Champions: Rick McLaughlin, Kelly John, Leslie Delco


Men's Consolation Champions: Jeff Jacobs, Tashi Serpa, Blake Dalton, Jeff Jong



Coed Tide Champions: Robert Poen, Marisa Johnston, Andy Ames, Kim Marks, Judy Ho, Roger Hsu


Men's Tide Champions:Mike Karr, Pete Rasmussen, Dan "Cool Breeze" Denevan, John Parsons


$3550 raised for the Spinal Cord Society!


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