June 21, 2008 Fundraiser for the Spinal Cord Society


The Participants


Event Staff: Mike Leimbach, Mark Akin


Coed Champions: Bill Schmidt, Paula Mierau, Kortney Dalrymple, Connor Weiss


Novice Champions: Sean Chen, Melissa Cheng, Kara Steinthal, Eric Manabe


Men's Champions: Zachary Hopkins, Lev Girshfeld, Andrew Park, Kris Horne


Novice Tide Champions: Sean Niemann, Jean Niemann, Amy Obenski, Andy Moore


Coed Tide Champions: Kim Clary, Adam Cohen, Roger Hsu, Bonnie Thomas


Men's Tide Champions: Brad Leinenbach, Jake Varner, Jae Park, Iraj Hakimelahy


Coed Consolation Chamions (not pictured): Lara Gafke, Mat Gafke, Nathan Lee, Thao Pham


For complete results go here


See below for some action shots from the tourney (and please email us if you have some you'd like to see posted here!)