"No Attitudes Allowed"™ Volleyball Tournament
July 17, 2010
Main Beach, Santa Cruz

pic of participants
The Participants who helped raise $1400 for the Spinal Cord Society


pic of Coed champs
Coed Champions: Vitali Kniasau, Risa Blumlein, Susie Kaplan, Craig Cocchi


pic of mens champs
Men's Champions: Joel Hernandez, Skylar Bonx, Cody Kreitzer, Drew Hogan


pic of novice champs
Novice Champions: Jai Desai, Meghan Liese, Alicia Powyer, Vijay Vasireddy


pic of Coed Consolation champs
Coed Consolation Champions: Cindi Nguyen, Chris Thomas, Andy Ames, Karyn Moore


pic of novice tide champs
Novice Tide Champs: Cassie Shaker, Scott Bronson, Sasima Bunnag, Satish Pudi


pic of coed tide champs
Coed Tide Champions: David Fattal, Alex Yang, Josh Daniel, Becky Bryan, George Mickey (not pictured)


pic of men's tide champs
Men's Tide Champs: Max Wilson, Marko Koosel, Karsten Mueller, Jordan Hay


Complete Results


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