"No Attitudes Allowed"™ Volleyball Tournament
Fundraiser for the Spinal Cord Society
June 19, 2010
Main Beach, Santa Cruz

group pic
The Participants


coed champs pic
Coed Champions: Erik Kaul, Melody Parker, Susie Kaplan, Bill Schmidt


Novice Tide Champs
Novice Champions: Satish Pudi, Rita Case, Lee Ng, Chris Rohrantz


Men's Champ pic
Men's Champions: Arne Gerhard, Vitali Kniazau, Kris Horne, Andrew Park


Coed Consolation champs
Coed Consolation Champs: Mat Forrest, Tarmara Lovere, Wendy Nishikawa, Sam Tokheim


Coed Tide Champs
Coed Tide Champions: Sameer Shariff, Katie Corner, Judy Ho, Roger Hsu


Novice Champ pic
Novice Tide Champions: Mohit Gupta, Navi Sekhon, Amy Dabb, Matt Michealis


Men's Tide Champs
Men's Tide Champions: John Senkier, Jordan Hay, Ric Espinosa, Craig Cocchi


Spinal Cord banner


Nce action shots by John Bandhauer

Complete Results


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