"No Attitudes Allowed" Volleyball Tournament
November 6, 2010
Main Beach, Santa Cruz


the participants
The Participants


coed champs
Coed Champions: Matt Goodman, Jackie Cindi Nguyen, Dennis Castro, Lourella Palao


mens champs
Men's Champions: Brett Cooper, Andrew Park, Max Wilson, Craig Cocchi


novice champs
Novice Champions: Jasmine Erguiza, Landon Yuan, Kelly Hennigan, Shaddin Dughmi


coed consolation champs
Coed Consolation Champions: Jai Desai, Meghan Liese, Marie McCann, Griffin Conway

Coed tide champs
Coed Tide Champions: David Maxwell, Carlie Ware, Leslie Delco, Sameer Shariff


mens tide champs
Men's Tide Champions: Greg Garfield, Hunter Garfield, Kim Gunther, Eric Erbes


novice tide champs
Novice Tide Champions: Kim Cameron, Amanda Drasny, Jess Schindler,
Jordan "I Died and Went to Beautiful Women Heaven" Plotsky, Sara Bell, Lizzie Cotterell


Phil talking
After 20 years of giving the exact same monologue, Phil must still write it on his hands. "Now, where was I...?"


funny pic of cindi
"If you children keep it up, I'm sending you to your room with no volleyball for a week".


lashante goofing off
Lashante: "Justin, you are going to get a spanking if you don't start playing better!"


lashante goofing around 2
This woman messes with everyone!

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