"No Attitudes Allowed" Volleyball Tournament
Fundraiser for the Spinal Cord Society
June 18, 2011
Main Beach, Santa Cruz


photo of participants
The Participants


pic of coed chanmps
Coed Champions: Timmy Blanc, Kim Cameron, Vlasta Novakova, Cestmir Ryba


pic of men's champs
Men's Champions: Rico Arrastia, Vitali Kniazeu, Todd Nicklous, Olivier Lechenne


pic of novice champs
Novice Champions: Jai Desai, Jena Mercer, Lisa Uttal, Bill Boyd


pic of novice champs
Novice Tide Champions: Rita Case, Kristina Kozen, Michelle Steers, Ronda Broughton


pic of coed tide
Coed Tide Champions: Olya Rud, Nina Simon, Jaime Quartararo


pic of men's tide champs
Men's Tide Champions: Kyle Vaughn, Kyle Morales, Brett Cooper, Garrett Wu


pic of coed cons
Coed Consolation Champs: Chris Thomas, Raye French, Carlie Ware, Ian Webb


pic of wesley and teresa
Teresa Molina and Wesley Ronquillo



Complete Results

Nice action shots by John Bandhauer


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