"No Attitudes Allowed" Volleyball Tournament
November 3, 2012
Main Beach, Santa Cruz


Group pic of participants
The Participants


pic of coed champs
Coed Finalists: Jake Varner, Maycie LaBass, Matt Hammond, Kim Cameron


pic of Men's champs
Men's Finalists: Todd Nicklous, Olivier Lechenne, Rob Curle, Harrison Anderson


pic of novice champs
Novice Finalists: Ray Siriratanapol, Sheeva Haghighat, Marian Lu, Eric Chu


pic of coed consolation champs
Coed Consolation Finalists: Dale Moren, Jenny Pearl, Kevin Beck, Jenny Beck


Novice Consolation Champs
Novice Consolation Finalists: Javatti Lombardi, Amy Harmon, Laura Kasa, Keith Spitzer

pic of coed tide champs
Coed Tide Finalists: Ian Webb, Becky Bryan, Arne Gerhard, Michele Wiecha, Chris Thomas, Jeene Leahy


pic of mens tide champs
Men's Tide Finalists: John Oconner, JP Rabanal, Oliver Dellarba, Canaan Mills


pic of novice champs
Novice Tide Finalists: Geoff Butz, Emmily Butz, Geno Sison, Stacey Shen


pic of arne, michele and phil
Arne and Michele with their hero, Phil. NOT!!!


Complete Results


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