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"No Attitudes Allowed" Volleyball Tournament
August 10, 2013
Main Beach, Santa Cruz


Group Picture
The Participants


Coed Champs
Coed Finalists: Olivier Lechenne, Andrew Nelson, Lisa Ridino, A.L. (not pictured)


Men's Champs
Men's Finalists: Connor Escobar, Claudio Martinez, John Leetsma, Jake Smith


Novice Gold Champs
Novice Gold Finalists: Lalo Navarro, Lorena Preda, Matt Michaelis, Ali Michaelis


Novice Silver Chamnps
Novice Silver Finalists: Bill Boyd, Madison Whitmire, Marissa Espino,
Kiely Hoskins, Jaymie House, Marissa Susbilla


Coed Tide Champs
Coed Tide Finalists: Alle Smallwood, Derrick Moore, Joel Hernandez, Annie Hockanson

Men's tide champs
Men's Tide Finalists: Roger Hsu, Davey "I'll Try To Be Nice This Time" Bergevin, Johnny "Junior" Oconnor


Coed Cons Champs
Coed Consolation Finalists: Mark Meyer, Brittany Lombardi, Dottie Beattie, Drew Taylor


Complete Results


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