August 24, 2002 4-Person and Men's Doubles

Fundraiser for The Spinal Cord Society



In honor of local hero, Mike Leimbach



The participants



4-Person Coed Champions: Billy Schmidt, Jenny Bear, Tamara Pomm, Paul Austin, Lisa Harris, Chris Vega, Bob Scheffel



4-Person Coed Tide Pool I Champions: Stephanie Filice, Steve Greene, Chris Woldemar, Sue Broadston, Gabby Houston, Rowland Sushi, Dave Burnham, Lewis Wallace




4-Person Tide Pool 2 Champions: Ron Barr, Rob Stanchfield, Jim Olivas, Aaron Lodge, Jenna Hall, John Blake,

John Mayfield, Caitlin Blake



Men's Champions: David Luyties, Michael Luyties



Men's Champion Runnerup: Marco Scholten, Eli "I'm tired of playing with these guys from L.A. who don't know how to hit" Nosthas