"No Attitudes Allowed" 4-Person and Men's Doubles

Special Fundraiser for the Spinal Cord Society

August 23, 2003


group pic

The participants



Local heroes, Mike Leimbach and Nickie Laird


coed champs

4-Person Champions: "Little Rascals" and "Chaos"


cons champs

4-Person Consolation Champs: "Strategery" and "Absolutely Flabulous"


mens tide 2

4-Person Tide 1 Champions: "Sand Legs" and "39 Good Toes"


coed tide

4-Person Tide Champions 2: "Beach Dogs" and "The Krispy Kremes"


mens champs

Men's Champions: David Fattal, Daniel Salas, Glynn Pauly, Eric Pauly


mens tide champs

Men's Tide Champions: Cameron Cole, Eddie Torrecillos, Jeff Evans, Dave Molinari