"No Attitudes Allowed" Volleyball Tournament

Fundraiser for the Spinal Cord Society

August 20, 2005


The Participants


The Novice Group


Coed Champions: Michelle Delplanche, Tashi Serpa, Susie Kaplan, Ben Wolfe


Men's Champions: Rick Varner, Jake Varner, Dan Monahan, Tom Bensing


Novice Champions: Lynn Christianson, Paul Coenon, Tara McCullough, Joe McCullough


Coed Consolation Champions: Mark Hoffman, Katie Mekis, Andrew and Sara Thornton


Coed Tide Champions: Tiffany Logan, Ivan Blumberg, Andy Ames, Kim Marks


Men's Tide Champions: Sam Lee, Kai Pommerenke, Joel Stryker, Aruna Ranaweera


Master Raffler, Rowland "What Have You Got Left in Your Pockets?" Sushi



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