August 19, 2006 "No Attitudes Allowed" Fundraiser

for the Spinal Cord Society


The Participants


Event Staff: Mark Akin, Mike Leimbach, Blake Brehl, Rowland Sushi (not pictured)


Coed Champions: Bronwyn Wyrsch, James Goldsberry, Tashi Serpa, Michelle Delplanche


Men's Champions: Tom Tran, Matt Claudius, Drew Freeman, Justin Donofrio


Novice Champions: Jim Sandoval, Fernando Lara, Dan Lingenfelter, Jeff Johnson


Coed Tide Champions: Shasta Tierra, Craig Cocchi, Ben Wolfe, Susie Kaplan


Coed Consolation Champions: Leslie Pederson, Jacob Pederson, Chris Coburn, Vickie Winkler


Novice Runnerups: Graham Denevan, Lilly Denevan


Men's Tide Champions: Anthony Troy, Adam Troy, Mico Curreri, Guillaume Krener


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