"No Attitudes Allowed"

Volleyball Tournament November 17, 2001




The November group



Coed Champions: Bill "Sleepy" Schmidt, Jenny "Dopey" Bear, Zach "Bashful" Moore, Beth "Sneezy" Young, Erin Greenspan (not pictured).



The San Mateo contingent: Chris Smith, Bonnie Bunnell, Joel Lotilla (he's a tourist that stopped by and asked to have his picture taken with some volleyball athletes), Sharon Reichow, Chris Vega



Coed Tide Champions: Chris Smith, Bonnie Bunnell, Mike Williams, Sharon Reichow




Men's Champions: Travis Warner, Jef Wind, Sean Drury, Chris Vega



This is all that's left of the guy that showed up with an attitude as he tried to escape over the railing.