"No Attitudes Allowed" Volleyball Tournament

September 21, 2002


Most of the September group



Men's Champions: Igor Novikov, Nikolai Popov, Paul Austin, Paul Izenstark



Men's Consolation Champions: Geoff Shank, Lee Holden, Harold Gomard, Jeff Knapp. (By the look of things, what have they spiked the water bottle with?)


Men's Tide #1 Champions: Paul Chin, Jeff Neuman, Bill Schmidt, Rowland SushiMelon



Men's Tide #2 Champions: Jeff Jacobs, Jonathan Huie, Brook Eaton, Rawley Frye (not pictured)



Whoa!!! Women's Champions: Staci Kim, Angela Reed, Liz, Hanna Skandera



Women's Tide Champions: Flora Lu Holt, Mary Bresnan, "Coach" Cayman Heureux, Emily Heureux, Tamara Pomm