Hiking (Kin 44 ABC)
Cabrillo College

Instructor: Phil Kaplan
E-mail: kaplan_hiking@icloud.com (best way to leave a message for Phil)

Office Hours: Immediately Following a Hike or by arrangement

In the event of rain or other adverse conditions, the instructor will send an email to all members of the class with instructions for the day.

Course Description and Student Learning Outcomes

Hiking class is designed to be fun and challenging on terrain flat to moderately steep. Hikes typically average 5 to 8 miles on each outing. Students will experience many of the beautiful parks, trails, and forests of Santa Cruz County. At the end of the semester students will be familiar with the Santa Cruz Trail System, safety rules, emergency procedures, history of the area, and basic flora and fauna. Attendance at the first class orientation meeting is mandatory and takes place in the gymnasium. See "Earning A Grade" for grading information. It is the student’s responsibility to submit to the Admissions Office the necessary paperwork for adding and dropping a course; failure to do so results in students not being officially enrolled or having an “NP” (No Pass) appear on their permanent record. Students are permitted only three semesters of hiking class for credit while at Cabrillo. If you have taken three hiking classes, see me about alternatives.

Good footwear is required. Experienced day-hikers wear well broken-in light to medium weight hiking boots. Running shoes will work, but some trails can be rough and boots offer better protection and traction. Some of our hikes may be slippery and muddy. During drier months, hikes may be dusty. We will be near poison oak on most hikes. Ticks, wasps, mosquitoes and stinging nettle can also be a problem. A small back or fanny pack, layered clothing, light- colored lightweight long pants, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and lots of water and energy snacks are absolutely necessary. Bring an umbrella if rain is forecast. Smoking is not allowed on the trails we will be hiking. Children and dogs are not allowed to join us. Day Use or Parking Fees may apply at some of our hikes. Parking regulations and parking permits are strictly enforced at Cabrillo. The group will meet at 9:20 AM the day of the scheduled hike at the tennis courts at Cabrillo in Parking Lot K (south side of the gym) or the middle of the parking lot at Cost Plus/World Market on River Street in Santa Cruz. Check the schedule provided for our weekly meeting place. Be sure to arrive early to use the restroom. If you are meeting the group at the actual hike site be sure to consult with me first. If you arrive late and miss the group’s departure, GO HOME! Absolutely no unaccompanied hikes as this is a safety issue. In the event of rain or other adverse conditions, the instructor will send an email to all students concerning cancellation or changes by 7:30 am the morning of a hike.

Accomodations and Accessibility

It is the student’s responsibility to drop this class in Web-Advisor if you choose not to stay in the class.

Also, a variety of programs help support students specifically to ensure their health and well-being while attending classes at Cabrillo College.

Accessibility Support Center (ASC) provides students with learning differences and disabilities with academic support and services to be successful in the educational environment. Any student with a disability requiring accommodations should contract the Accessibility Support Center (ASC) (831) 479- 6379 so that they may help students fill out an accommodation form. Every effort will be made to accommodate student needs. http://www.cabrillo.edu/services/dsps/ Location: Library (831) 479-6370.

Student Health Services is available to all registered students and include care for minor illnesses and injuries, personal counseling, health education, and preventative care. http://www.cabrillo.edu/services/health/ Location: Room 912 (Aptos) and SRC (Watsonville). (831) 479-6435

Academic Counseling: Students who have completed orientation and assessment, developed an education plan, declared a program of study and maintained good academic standing will be granted higher priority for registration. The details regarding priority registration are found at: http://cabrillo.edu/services/ar/enrollpriorities.html.

All students now have access to Student Planning, a planning tool found on your Student Menu in WebAdvisor. You can start to plan your courses using the Student Planning tool at any time on your own. Having courses planned for your upcoming term(s) in the Student Planning tool on WebAdvisor, will meet the Ed Plan requirement to maintain your priority registration. For instructions on how to use Student Planning, and what your next steps in developing a comprehensive education plan are, go to the counseling webpage: http://www.cabrillo.edu/services/counseling/

THE HUB (Learning Resource Center) provides free multi-subject tutoring and academic support with writing, reading, Math, ESL, Science, etc. Located on the 2nd floor of the library. http://www.cabrillo.edu/home/learning.html

Student Rights and Responsibilities:

Each student is expected to contribute to a positive learning environment. As such, student responsibilities include:

Respecting the opinion of others

Actively participating in the learning environment.

Taking responsibility for learning and progressing in the course

Requesting assistance from the instructor when needed

Reading & understanding the “Student Rights & Responsibilities” Handbook for Cabrillo College

Keeping you Safe

Cabrillo College cares about your safety and maintains a positive learning environment. In order to achieve this, the college will not tolerate acts of bullying, sexual harassment or violence against any student or employee. If you experience any bullying, sexual harassment or violence, you should bring it to the attention of your instructor or a college employee to address/report. Steps will be taken to help you, to end the harassment or violence, to prevent its reoccurrence and to address its effects.

Plagiarism and Cheating:

Instructors have a responsibility for your education and the value of a Cabrillo College degree, and so seek to prevent unethical behavior and when necessary respond to infringements of academic integrity. Plagiarism and cheating of any kind on an examination, quiz, or assignment may result in an "F" or "0" for that assignment (and depending on the severity of the case, may lead to an "F" for the entire course) and will be subject to appropriate referral to the Office of Dean of Student Services for potential conduct action.

Should a problem arise during the semester, feel free to call or email the instructor. If a problem or injury develops during class time, let the instructor know immediately so we can deal with it before it becomes too serious. In the event of a disaster (Flu Outbreak, power outages, earthquake, etc) updated information and instructions will be found on the homepage of my website (www.cabrillo.edu/~pkaplan).

Special Notes: Extensive hiking resources along with Frequently Asked Questions, nearly all of our course handouts and class photos can be found on my web site. We are collecting old cell phones, printer cartridges, small electronics and energy bar wrappers (foil inside) to raise funds for the Orangutan Conservancy, Native Animal Rescue and the Santa Cruz SPCA.