Cabrillo College
Friday Hiking Class Schedule
Fall 2003
Instructor: Phil Kaplan

September 5: Orientation in Cabrillo Gymnasium
September 12: Upper Cabrillo (meet at Cabrillo tennis courts)
September 19: Elkhorn Slough (meet at Cabrillo tennis courts or park entrance at 9:45 am)
September 26: Pogonip 1 (meet at Cost Plus)
October 3: UC Santa Cruz and the Lime Kilns (meet at Cost Plus or top of Spring St. at 9:30 am)
October 10: Nisene Marks 1 (meet at Cabrillo tennis courts)
October 17: Wilder Ranch 1 (meet at Cost Plus)
October 24: Land of Medicine Buddha and Enchanted Forest (meet at Cabrillo tennis courts)
October 31: Nisene Marks 2 (meet at Cabrillo tennis courts)
November 7: Henry Cowell’s (meet at Cost Plus)
November 14: Pogonip 2 (meet at Cost Plus)
November 21: Fall Creek (meet at Cost Plus or Felton-Empire entrance at 9:30 AM)
November 28: Holiday--no class
December 5: Wilder Ranch 2 (meet at Cost Plus)
December 12: Byrne Forest (meet at Cabrillo tennis courts or Corralitos Women’s Center at 9:45 am)
December 19: Santa Cruz Eastside CircleTrail (meet at Cost Plus)

We meet each Friday at 9:00 AM. Departure is 9:15 sharp! If you are meeting us at the hike site you will need to consult me ahead of time as to the location and time. In the event of unfavorable conditions, a beach or neighborhood hike may be substituted for one of our scheduled hikes. Updated information will always be available on my office phone (477-5201 x1529). See my web site for pictures and other information: