The Redwood Tree
February 6, 2007
George Menges
Age 14

I am the redwood tree
The mightiest living thing
I have been around since Cesar's last breath and it passes through me like a Roman legion
I am a survivor
I have outlasted my brothers
I have repelled millions of termites
I have been baked in the hottest of fires
I am a home for life, life, lots of life
from the falcons in my branches
to the hedgehogs at my roots
I am life
I have given my boughs for the bows of the Miwoks
my hollows for their shelter
and my bark for their kindling
Then came the white settlers
who, with eyes of gold, plundered and pillaged their way through this land
so they clear-cut my brothers and sisters to make their houses
but me they spared
they stripped the land bare around me and
drilled into my trunk a brass placard bearing
“ General Sherman Tree
The Largest Living Thing on Earth”


picture of giant redwood